Roxanne Swentzell Sculpture
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Santa Fe Convention Center Commissioned

When asked to do this piece for the city of Santa Fe's new Community Civic Center, I had to stop and ask the question, "What does this town need to see?" Most cities began as several nucleus families building a life together in a favorable location. Santa Fe was originally a Pueblo village long before the Europeans arrived.

The Pueblos were all about community. Everything was structured to include everyone in the activities of the village and ceremonial world. If I were given one image to capture the "seed" or beginnings of this state of community consciousness, it would be a child born within an extended family in which they come around him/her in total support. A child so honored KNOWS they are wanted and a vital part of their world. This is what I wanted Santa Fe to see.

This is what I want all of us to remember: It takes a whole community to raise a child to become a healthy part of the Whole. Our world today has, for the most part forgotten this, but maybe we can find it again.




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